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Inner Warrior

Hello. Hi. It’s me. I know…quite the lengthy absence, right? Let’s just say life happened and I needed a break from spilling my soul and focusing on my syndrome. Oh, and I also wrote a second book during this time, so I was a bit preoccupied with a different kind of writing. I, for one,… Continue reading Inner Warrior


I am in Control

I often wish I were quick-witted. I wish I knew what to say the very moment it needed to be said. For instance, the other night in an elevator a preteen was standing across from me, noticed something weird about my face, and ran over to her friend to whisper in her ear. Her friend… Continue reading I am in Control

I Lived

I Lived…by scheduling a boudoir photo session

If you know me, you understand my connection to photography. When I studied abroad in Italy, I finally found my footing in the art world. Even though I had been a declared studio arts major for two years, I didn’t consider myself an artist until I found my niche behind the camera. There was just… Continue reading I Lived…by scheduling a boudoir photo session