How to Create a Better Tomorrow


Today, and everyday, you have the choice to be the best possible version of yourself. Don’t ever forget that. When the world looks bleak, be the light. Your positive actions could cause a ripple effect with those around you, especially children. Be the role model that your children need so that they may then work towards a unified future.

Creating a better tomorrow isn’t easy but it’s not impossible either. It begins at the heart of each one of us.


  1. Believe that the future will be brighter.

You’re going to have some tough days when nothing seems to be going right and the world crashes down on top of you. That feeling won’t last forever but you have to change your mentality first. Rise from destruction and move forward. See the positive in situations and look for ways in which you can improve the negative. Tell yourself that change is coming and wholeheartedly believe it. Know that this change might not be immediate, but it will come.


  1. Have the courage to stand up for what is right.

Hatred will never cease, but the goal is to never let it win in the end. The most important thing you can do is to take a stand. Teach your children the importance of choosing their words wisely. Some may not be able to deal with harsh tongues or vicious rhetoric, and words may defeat them. Encourage your children to stand up to those who belittle, mock, and bully others. This courageous act can be a saving grace for someone who needs it. Don’t let them be the only ones to fight for what they believe is right.  You must also stand up for the weak.  Be their backbone when they need it most.  Remember that hatred is never, ever the answer. Don’t spew it, eliminate it.


  1. Open your mind to the possibilities.

Times have changed. Human beings are so much more open and accepting of differences these days, but there is still a huge margin for improvement. Some still live in the past and can’t bring themselves to accept that each one of us is nothing more than skin and bones. Our skin color, race, gender, religion, or disability does not make us any more or less significant than the next person. It is impossible to change minds that are already stuck in their ways so focus on shaping the minds of our youth. Teach them the importance of equality and unity. Teach them that no single person is greater than anyone else because of what they look like, whom they love, or what they believe in. Encourage acceptance and promote respect.


  1. Don’t judge.

It’s unbelievably easy to pass judgment when you only have a single glance to go off of, but avoid this at all cost. We each have a story that is unique to us. Some are more complicated than others, and some, in fact, are life altering. The way a person acts can be a product of his story. When you judge you overlook his life and his experiences. Don’t discount someone because they are different than you. You just might miss out on the opportunity to connect with someone amazing. Be bold and get to know people for who they really are.


  1. Spread love and kindness.

Choosing to be kind doesn’t take any extra effort. Smile at people, hold doors, help someone cross the street. These are small acts that could mean the world to the receiver. Don’t be kind because you want something in return; be kind because you can be, because you should be, because you genuinely care about building a strong foundation for the human race. If someone is in need, be there. Just be there. Kindness can be a game changer.   Choose to let love find a way into your heart.  Let it radiate through you and from you.


My wish for you, my dear friends, is that you choose love everyday. You choose to be the bright, shining star. You choose to keep your mind open. In the end, our differences do not matter. What matters is how we treat others, how we climb back to the top after a fall, and how we press onward.  Never let hatred win.  Never let it be the weight that drags you down.

Don’t just hope for a brighter future, create it. Tomorrow is full of possibilities.