This Just In – Shop Now Open!

I’m so excited to announce the latest addition to the blog, my new shop!

I created Sweet Maple Lane as another outlet to promote positive messaging and acceptance. Here we can stand together to fight insecurities and break down barriers.  This shop is run through Customized Girl, which allows you to add my designs to the products of your choice. There truly will be something for everyone here.  I will be uploading new designs as quickly as I create them so please check back frequently. You’ll even notice that the proceeds from some designs will be donated to specific charities, helping us bring more awareness to those who need it.

I know from experience that even the best of us need to be reminded of our worth, which is why I created the Reflections Collection. Beginning with “Smile, Pretty Girl,” this will grow to become a collection of positive phrases that the wearer can read when she (or he) is standing in front of a mirror.  How others see us is not as important as how we see ourselves. The Reflections Collection is designed specifically for the wearer.


So, why Sweet Maple Lane?  I wanted a name that represented me and my life, and everything that life encompassed whether good or bad. I could think of nothing better than than naming this shop after the place that I was raised.  You guessed it, Sweet Maple Lane.

I grew into the woman I am today in the house on SML. I learned how to swim in that pool. I spent numerous summers recovering on the TV room couch after my surgeries.  I blossomed into a champion gymnast because of the balance beam my parents graciously allowed me to place in our living room and I hung each and every medal on the wall above the couch.  I learned life lessons here like not to cheat on your Spanish test (or if you do, don’t get caught), that friendships don’t always last and letting go is for the best, and with hard work you can accomplish anything.  I spent countless hours studying for my high school honors classes in my room.  I woke up most Saturday mornings to Kenny G playing through the speakers, and turkey bacon frying on the stove. And when I came home from college every Christmas break, the house would welcome me with its love and familiarity.

The truth is there’s no place I’d rather be. It’s home. It will always be home. It is the stable foundation of my life. It radiates love and happiness. Yes, it’s seen loss too but the happy memories outweigh the sad. Though it has changed some over the years, we all have. It’s grown with me and my family.

And sooner than I’d like to admit, my parents will be selling the house on Sweet Maple Lane, the house that built me.

I wanted to keep it’s memory alive somehow and I could think of no better way to honor the place that made me everything I am today than by creating a shop in it’s name. Maybe this way even more people will be able to experience the same love I felt for the last 31 years.

Welcome to Sweet Maple Lane.  I hope this place can help you grow to love yourself the same way the house on Sweet Maple Lane did for me.

Ready to shop?  Visit Sweet Maple Lane on Customized Girl or click the Shop link in the navigation bar on this page.

Happy Shopping!