Coming Soon – It’s A…

I wish I could say I’ve been happy with every single choice I’ve made for my life, but that’s far from the truth. I tend to act spontaneously and think with my heart rather than my head. By doing so, I rarely pass up opportunities because they lead to personal growth. These snap decisions haven’t always led me to happiness, but I cannot regret a single misstep.

To quote country singer Darius Rucker:

Thank God for all I missed ’cause it led me here to this.

For all the chances I took and the mistakes I made, they brought me to this very moment.  Had I not quit my stable job and moved to Massachusetts, I never would have started blogging. If I never started blogging, I never would have realized my talent as a writer. If I had found a decent job up north, I never would have moved home to Orlando. If I hadn’t moved home to Orlando, I wouldn’t have considered buying a new house. If I had bought the other house I had my eye on, I never would have met my wonderful neighbor. Had I not met my wonderful neighbor, I wouldn’t have this news to share.

Its A
Never thought I’d be doing one of these!

You might find this odd for me to say, but I’ve been extraordinarily lucky in life. I don’t necessarily believe in fate or destiny or purpose, but I’ve always felt that my life would work itself out. And it has. All of my personal experiences have meaning now, and my failed attempts at finding normalcy have led me to the opportunity of a lifetime.


This I can handle! (I would have fainted if it said “BOY”!)

In a year, I officially will be a published author with KiCam Projects.

I believe this is the beginning of my journey. I can’t tell you exactly what lies ahead but I do know this book will be a catalyst to success. And if that success includes winning Dancing With The Stars, I’m 100% on board. (You hear that ABC? I may be an unknown now but I won’t be for long.)

With that exciting news, I leave you for a while. The next five months will be spent feverishly writing my narrative during every spare moment. That is part of the reason I have not blogged in a bit. Instead, I have spent time with friends and family, added a few finishing touches to my house, and relaxed as much as possible. Now that the contract is fully executed, the only relationship I plan to devote time to is the one I have with my laptop.

Adieu, my friends. See you in the fall!  (Feel free to stop by with some freshly baked goodies.  I’m pretty sure I’ll need a constant sugar rush.)

Photo Credit: The amazing Amy Elizabeth at Elizabeth Birdsong Photography.