A new year means it’s time to be…selfish

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. There’s nothing like starting off a brand new year with a cliché, which is what I’m sure most of you are doing today (hello New Year’s resolutions!). Like many of you, I often quickly forget about these resolutions around, eh, January 2nd.  Instead of setting myself up for obvious failure, I’m opting to set a motto for 2016.

This is my chance to be absolutely, shamelessly selfish and focus first and foremost on myself. I grew tremendously in the last twelve months, but I’m eager to push my own personal boundaries even further. By focusing on myself, I make reaching my goals a priority. This will raise the quality of my life and positively impact my happiness.

So just what are my goals for 2016?


Focus on writing more frequently without sacrificing poignancy

I adore writing. It’s my chance to be candid and bold. I don’t sit down to my computer enough because life gets in the way. I set this goal as a promise to myself to create the time to write about meaningful topics. Writing helps me find my Zen; it’s what I do; it’s who I am. A subsequent goal for the year is to make strides with my words.


Continue to seek out adventure and life changing experiences

I have plans for the year. Big plans. Life requires new experiences to keep it from going stale. By seeking out these adventures, I aim to enrich my life with certain moments, opportunities, and challenges it currently lacks. This goal promotes continuous learning and growth. I’m always open to ideas on how to continue “living” so if you have any, I’m all ears (by way of hearing aid, obviously). And, of course, I plan to log these journeys every step of the way.


Run 1,000 miles in 1 year

This sounds like a huge feat but it works out to be roughly 20 miles a week. I used to do this regularly but after my October marathon, I found myself in a running slump. A few of my running friends have joined this challenge and I thought I would hop on board. After all, support leads to success.

Since I’m committed to running this crazy mileage, I decided to earn money for charity with each step. The app Charity Miles donates a certain amount with each mile logged (running, walking, or biking). I’ve joined the team #SWEETworkout for an extra dose of support from my sole sisters. (I’m a SWEET Workout Ambassador but you don’t have to be to join our team!).  I have decided that the donations raised from my runs will benefit veterans through Team Red, White & Blue but you can choose from a list of 30 other charities.

I set this goal to ensure I make my health a priority. As long as my body holds up, I can easily achieve this running milestone before next January.


Complete a full cycle of Hammer and Chisel

One of my amazing friends, Lindsay Benson, is a Beachbody coach and has encouraged me over the months with her upbeat outlook on fitness. I have joined her in challenge groups and purchased a few workout DVDs, but I have yet to fully commit to a program. This is me saying “I’m ALL in” for 60 days. This goal solidifies my agenda for a healthy life. It focuses not only on daily exercise but also on nutrition and balance. Ultimately, it will lead to a stronger mind and body, and hopefully offer a spark of confidence that I often lack.


Save. Save. Save.

This goes without saying. I bought a new house a few months ago. It’s imperative for me to have a firm grasp on my finances this year. As much as I love spending money on things I don’t necessarily need, I’m going to be smart with my purchases. My house precedes anything else. I’ve already started the spreadsheets to document the flow of income and set aside “Running Fund” jars for loose coins so I can continue to support my half marathon habit. This goal ensures I set myself up for success. As a single female, I cannot expect that someone else will enter my life and provide for my future. That weight is all mine.


This year BE SELFISH. Set your goals, live well, and find what makes you happy.  Join me in ushering in 2016 – the year of me (you).